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Information about courses and tests

The next A1 course will start on Monday 16.11.2020,

the time will be fixed shortly and announced here. On the first day of the course we will decide together with you on which days the course will be online and on which days the course will be in personal attendance. Everybody is welcome for a free trial day!

A B2 course has started on 19.10.2020, Mon - Fri 9.00 - 12.15, there are still places available and you can still join!

The currently takes place completely in presence at the school. There are still places available, everyone is welcome to a free trial day!

  • For all other courses see the course plan or contact us.
  • Telc- B2 exams will take place every 3rd Tuesday of the month.
  • Telc C1- Hochschule exams will take place every 4th Tuesday of the month except November / December 2020 - the next exam telc C1 Hochschule (University) will take place on 01.12.2020. This is also the last date for this exam in 2020.

        For telc exams of the levels A1 and A2 contact us directly please. 

          Christmas vacations 2020/21 : 23rd Dec 2020 - 5th Jan 2021.

 Questions? Contact us - it will be a pleasure to answer.